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Join forces with us to grow your business while giving back to your community. Together we can make a difference!

Help us say thank you to our Local Heroes for serving our community. In addition to the lender offering our Heroes a mortgage loan with zero bank fees, you agree to contribute up to a 25% Buyer’s Agent, realtor commission rebate at closing towards our Local Heroes’ closing costs.

You get to choose how much you offer our Local Heroes, but we’d like you to offer as much as possible to help them out. Remember, you will get out of this program what you put into it. The lender is waiving $1500 in fees on every Hero loan. These are fees normally charged on every non-Hero loan.

The North Carolina Local Heroes program is designed to open doors and start conversations. It attracts home buyers to you and separates you from every other realtor in your market. However, to be a successful realtor, action is required on your part.

How will becoming a Preferred Realtor grow your business?

  • Establish your own personal brand by standing out as a patriot that gives back to your community.
  • Receive your very own “Heroes” Smartphone app that features you as a Preferred Realtor. The smartphone app is FREE and is branded to you with your name and your picture. The app includes all your contact info to make it easy for Heroes to contact you. The Heroes smartphone app is easy for anyone to share and also has many other functions such as a mortgage calculator. Best of all, every time someone shares your app the contact information of the new user is emailed back to you so you capitalize on the viral nature of modern technology.
  • Once you register, You will have access to several types of marketing materials to help you market yourself as a Preferred Realtor of the North Carolina Local Heroes program. Most of these marketing materials are provided at no cost to you. You will also have access to digital copies off these marketing materials making it easy for you to share them on social media or simply email them to prospects.
  • Get your foot in the door! As a Preferred Realtor you have a product to offer that is very unique so go out there and build your business by directly contacting Heroes near you!
  • Market yourself to any local school, school district, college, university, fire station, police station, hospital, doctor, dentist or chiropractor office, active military, reservist or veterans and anybody that works for federal, state or local government.
  • Gain the benefit of endless referrals from the Heroes you help.
  • Enjoy quick and thorough pre-approval. Don’t spend your time with unqualified buyers. Let us help you by pre-approving your buyers right away.
  • Best of all, the North Carolina Local Heroes program has no monthly or annual fee! Forget the recurring fees and high advertising costs to get noticed and to find leads. With the North Carolina Local Heroes program, you only contribute when the deal is closed and 100% of your contribution goes towards the Hero’s closing costs.

Become a Preferred Realtor 

How to make the most of the North Carolina Local Heroes Program:

  • Word of Mouth – Let your friends and family know that you are part of the North Carolina Local Heroes program and explain how much the program offers our Local Heroes.
  • Share on Social Media – Spread the word that you are a part of the North Carolina Local Heroes program. Explain how you are helping our Local Heroes buy a home. Like us on Facebook!
  • HERO Marketing Materials You are no longer an ordinary Realtor! Now you can confidently participate in HERO organizations such as your local school district, civic clubs, local veteran’s events and associations and truly offer something other Realtors are not. You have access to marketing brochures, flyers, posters and more all branded to you and the North Carolina Local Heroes Program.
  • FREE Mobile App! – Share your free Heroes mobile smartphone app and encourage others to keep sharing! Doing this will create a virtual networking army working for you. It is a great way to reach as many potential Heroes as possible!

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